The rights of reproduction of the Giacinto Cerone’s artworks, which are owned by the heirs or by third parties, belong to Cerone Heirs.

The reproduction of Giacinto Cerone’s artworks is entrusted to the protection of the SIAE (Italian Authors’ and Publishers’ Association) and it is subject to the authorization released by the O.L.A.F. Section of the SIAE.

Reproduction without prior authorisation constitutes an infringement of copyright and is punishable by law and it is criminally punishable.

The authorization released for the purposes of economic use is without prejudice to the moral right of authorship, which must therefore always be fully respected, whatever the form of reproduction authorized (photographic, cinematographic, digital, etc.). To such purpose, the Cerone Heirs and, in their name, the Giacinto Cerone Archive reserves the right to evaluate the quality of the reproduction on the basis of “printing proofs”.

Reproduction authorizations must be requested by filling in the appropriate form (Mod. 342/AF), which can be downloaded from the S.I.A.E. website or requested from the O.L.A.F. Section of the S.I.A.E., by contacting the following telephone number: +39 06 59901 (switchboard).

All texts on the site are in the public domain and freely reproducible, subject to indication of the source.