The Giacinto Cerone Archive offers a service of authenticity certification and of archiving.

The archiving and authentication of the artworks are subject to the positive opinion of a specifically established Scientific Committee, and require the scrutiny and validation by Dr. Elena Cavallo Cerone.

With its archiving and authentication activities, the Archive aims to document Giacinto Cerone’s artistic production in an exhaustive way, creating the largest and most complete collection of the Artist’s artworks.

Therefore, all owners or holders of Giacinto Cerone’s artworks are invited to contact the Archive and to support its research and study activities, also by means of donations and contributions, through which the Archive will be able to cope with the substantial management costs.

For further information, please contact the Archive secretariat at the number +39 06 5565514.

For the purposes of archiving and authentication, it is necessary to send – only by post – to the registered office of the Giacinto Cerone Archive (via Luigi Magrini, 18 – 00146, Rome, Italy) the following documents:

  • No. 3 colour photographic prints of the size of 18×24 cm (do not to attach labels or handwrite information on the back of photographs);
  • No. 1 professional-quality photograph taken on a medium-format colour slide 10×12 cm with a chromatic scale otherwise in digital format (uncompressed tif format), with a chromatic scale and a resolution of at least 2500 pixels on the short side;
  • No. 1 colour photograph (front and back) size 18×24 cm;
  • No. 1 colour photograph of the detail, in case of signature or handwritten inscriptions are found on the back or under the base, size 18×24 cm;
  • The request for the archiving and authentication with the technical specifics of the artwork (Attachment No. 1);
  • Consent for personal data processing, in the case you wish to appear with your complete name in the General Catalogue of the Archive (Attachment No. 2);
  • The statement of agreement with the general terms of the Regulation for the Authentication and Archiving of the artworks (Attachment No. 3).
  • copy of the payment receipt of the following fees:
    • 500,00 € for works of sculpture;
    • 300,00 € for works on paper (drawings or engravings);

to be paid via bank transfer to ARCHIVIO GIACINTO CERONE ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE –IBAN: IT 51 S031 0403 2170 0000 0820 625, writing, as reason for payment, “Contribution to the archiving and authentication costs”.

Given the opinion of the Scientific Committee and the confirmation of Dr. Elena Cavallo Cerone, the Archive will issue the certification.

For the purposes of authentication, it is also necessary to permit the examination of the artwork, in ways to be agreed, that is to deliver the artwork to the registered office of the Giacinto Cerone Archive. We do not make economic estimations of the artworks.