The Giacinto Cerone Archive has been legally established on 5 October 2007 on the initiative of the family of the artist who died in 2004.
The Archive is a non-profit Cultural Association and its purpose is to curate, manage and preserve the image of the artworks of Giacinto Cerone and the documentation of his artistic production as well as all related prints and catalogues.
The studying and archiving of the artworks are intended to facilitate the preparation of exhibitions and of the Scientific Apparatus as instruments for the philological, documentary and historical reconstruction of the artist’s activity.
Chronological beginning of the Archive: from 1975.
Beginning of the Archive’s reorganisation: 2005.
Types of documents: correspondence, writings, photographs of the artworks (sculptures, drawings, graphics and jewellery), press review, minor printed materials, catalogues, audio-visual documents.
Supervisor: Elena Cavallo Cerone
Registered Office: via Luigi Magrini, 18 ‐ 00146, Rome, ITALY
Tax Code: 97479840585